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Cosmic Values: Pet Simulator X Value List

Introduction: The Cosmic Connection

At first glance, the vast expanse of our universe may seem unrelated to the world of virtual pets. Yet, in Pet Simulator X, these two realms intertwine seamlessly, introducing players to the thrilling world of “cosmic pets.” As our digital exploration of the universe expands, it’s essential to understand cosmic values, their significance, and how they play an integral role in the game.

What are Cosmic Values in Pet Simulator X?

Cosmic values in Pet Simulator X represent the rarity and strength of your cosmic pets. The higher the cosmic value, the more potent the pet. Think of these values as the DNA of your pet, determining their strengths, weaknesses, and evolutionary potential.

How Do I Find Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X?

Searching for cosmic pets is like embarking on an intergalactic treasure hunt. These unique pets can be found in specific zones, during special events, or even as rare drops from chests. Staying active, participating in events, and exploring the game fully increases your chances of encountering these stellar companions.

List of Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

While it’s nearly impossible to enumerate every cosmic pet available (thanks to frequent updates and new additions), some fan favorites include:

  • Nebula Feline
  • Starry Canine
  • Galactic Griffin

For a comprehensive list, always refer to the game’s official resources or trusted fan websites.

Cosmic Pet Rarity Tiers in Pet Simulator X

Cosmic pets are categorized into various rarity tiers:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra-Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Remember, these tiers not only indicate rarity but also give a hint about the pet’s potential strengths.

Best Ways to Obtain Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

To maximize your chances:

  • Participate in Events: Seasonal events often feature exclusive cosmic pets.
  • Trade: Engage with the game’s community to trade and negotiate for desired pets.
  • Explore New Zones: As you progress, newer zones with rarer pets become accessible.

Cosmic Pet Strengths and Weaknesses in Pet Simulator X

Each cosmic pet comes with its unique strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a Nebula Feline might excel in agility but lack in strength. It’s crucial to understand each pet’s attributes to build a balanced team.

How to Level Up Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

Leveling up your cosmic pets requires dedication. Engage them in battles, complete quests, and provide them with necessary resources. As they level up, their cosmic values also rise, enhancing their overall capabilities.

Evolving Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

Evolving Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

Evolution is a transformative process. Once your pet reaches a specific level and you’ve collected the necessary resources, they can evolve, gaining new abilities and appearances.

Cosmic Values Guide for Beginners

  • Stay Active: Regular participation boosts your chances of encountering rare pets.
  • Engage in Community Discussions: Learn from experienced players and share knowledge.
  • Prioritize Evolutions: Evolved pets generally possess higher cosmic values.

Tips for Farming Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

Farm effectively by:

  • Choosing zones with higher cosmic pet drop rates.
  • Teaming up with friends for collaborative farming.
  • Using boosts and power-ups to increase drop rates.

Cosmic Pet Trading Strategies in Pet Simulator X

Cosmic Pet Trading Strategies in Pet Simulator X

Trade smartly by:

  • Setting clear boundaries and expectations.
  • Staying updated on current cosmic pet market values.
  • Engaging in fair and transparent negotiations.

Cosmic Pet Events and Updates in Pet Simulator X

As the game universe expands, developers introduce fresh and exhilarating events revolving around cosmic pets. These events provide an opportunity to discover new species, engage in interstellar challenges, and amass valuable resources to bolster your cosmic arsenal.

Recent Cosmic Events:

  • Galactic Gathering: A fortnightly event where players join forces to gather stardust, which can then be traded for exclusive cosmic pets.
  • Nebula Nights: Occurs once every quarter, this event pits cosmic pets against one another in a celestial arena, with the victor’s owner receiving rare cosmic rewards.

Cosmic Value Chart: Understanding the Power Spectrum

An essential tool for any dedicated player is the Cosmic Value Chart. This chart decodes the intricate value system, allowing players to compare pets and make informed decisions about trading, leveling up, or participating in battles.

  • 0-100: Beginner Cosmic Range
  • 101-500: Intermediate Cosmic Range
  • 501-1000: Advanced Cosmic Range
  • 1001 & above: Elite Cosmic Range

By referencing this chart, players can strategically decide which pets to prioritize, whether it’s for battles, trading, or showcasing.

Where to Find Rare Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

Locating rare cosmic pets is akin to finding hidden treasures. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Mystic Meadows: This serene locale is known for its Uncommon to Rare cosmic pets.
  • Galaxy Groves: A nebulous zone housing many Rare and Ultra-Rare cosmic pets.
  • Celestial City: Only the most dedicated reach this advanced zone, where Elite cosmic pets roam.

Cosmic Pet Evolution: From Stardust to Supernova

Cosmic pets undergo a unique evolution process:

  • Stardust Stage: The initial phase where your pet is still grasping its cosmic potential.
  • Meteoroid Phase: With enhanced abilities, pets in this phase show a significant improvement in performance.
  • Asteroid Ascendancy: Your pet’s cosmic values are noticeably higher, with a more polished skill set.
  • Supernova State: The pinnacle of cosmic evolution. Pets in this state are the epitome of power and rarity.

Pet Simulator X Cosmic Value Rankings

Staying updated with the current rankings is pivotal for players aiming to excel. These rankings, updated monthly, are based on pets’ performance, rarity, and overall cosmic values.

  • Top 3 Cosmic Pets of the Month:
    • Celestial Phoenix (Cosmic Value: 1200)
    • Nebula Narwhal (Cosmic Value: 1150)
    • Starlit Seahorse (Cosmic Value: 1125)

Tips for Finding Cosmic Pets in Pet Simulator X

  • Use Cosmic Lures: In-game items designed to attract cosmic pets.
  • Join a Guild: Being part of a community increases chances of shared knowledge about pet locations.
  • Attend Cosmic Workshops: Periodic developer-led sessions that provide hints on locating elusive cosmic pets.


1. Are cosmic values permanent?

 No, they can fluctuate based on updates, pet evolution, and other in-game factors.

2. Can I trade my cosmic pets?

 Yes, trading is a significant aspect of Pet Simulator X, allowing players to exchange pets and grow their collections.

3. How often are new cosmic pets introduced?

 The game developers frequently roll out updates, introducing new cosmic pets and challenges.

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The cosmic realm of Pet Simulator X is vast, mesmerizing, and brimming with mysteries. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, understanding the nuances of cosmic values can profoundly enhance your gameplay. As the universe of Pet Simulator X continues to expand, so does the promise of more thrilling cosmic adventures. Embrace the cosmos and let your gaming journey be a stellar one!

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