Excel the Spying World with these 15 Cellphone Spy App Monitoring Features

Excel the Spying World with these 15 Cellphone Spy App Monitoring Features

There was a time when words like spying or monitoring were considered something negative. Now they are related to the tech world and people using these words sound cool and tech-savvy. Things are changing, people are relying more and more on smart devices, the internet and digital media for almost everything. From buying, selling, investing, and shopping, everything is gadget-dependent. People are searching for more and more secure ways to manage their smart gadget dependence and one way is to use the Cellphone Spy Appor computer monitoring software. OgyMogy is one of the apps that offer both versions i.e cellphone monitoring features as well as Mac and Windows monitoring features. Here are some of the excellent features offered by OgyMogy that will help you excel in the cool spying world.

The Screen Alerts:

Make a surprise visit to the screen in real-time with the screen recording feature. You can check out the kids’ screen activities or time spent on screen or can monitor the time spent on a cellphone during official hours by the employees with the help of this feature.

The Screenshots:

The OgyMogy Cellphone Spy App saves screenshots of the activities for the user. You can check the detail with time stape information. The screen activities are also saved in the form of short screen recordings as well.

The Remote Control of the Camera:

Cellphones come with high-quality cameras. The OgyMogy allow the user to remotely control the rear and front camera of the target device. You can practically watch the surroundings of the target person easily.

The Listening Aid:

Mic bug is another efficient feature offered by the OgyMogy cellphone spy app. You can listen to the surroundings and voices remotely with the help of the mic bug feature.

Browsing History Tracking:

Track the internet browsing history of the target with a few clicks with the internet browsing history feature. Users can even remotely access the bookmark folder of the target as well.,

Web Filtering:

The app is best in a way that you can not only track all the browsing activities but can also block any unwanted stuff from the target gadget as well.

Facebook Monitoring:

Monitor all the Facebook activities including any information about the secret fake account with the help of the FaceBook spy app feature.

Save the Snaps:

Snapchat is popular because it gives privacy. How about saving all the snaps of your kid or employees with timestamp information with the Snapchat spy app offered by the OgyMogy cellphone spy app.

Eyes On Dating Life:

Monitor the dating life of the kid and save them from any possible sexual offender with the help of the android spy software. The app even allows the user to block the internet to stop any meetup with the weirdo.

Track Real Time Location:

Track the real-time location of the target person with accuracy through the location tracking feature.


Mark safe and restricted zone on Google map with the help of the OgyMogy cellphone spy app. It can help the parent user to limit the kid’s movement.

Crack The Password:

 Crack the password of the digital accounts with the help of the OgyMogy cellphone spy app. The app works in stealth mode so the target remains unaware of all the activities.

Keystroke logging:

With the keystroke logging feature, you can save keypad-related activities without any problem.

Employees Chat Alerts:

Check the employee’s chat groups and know about any inside matters that can possibly affect your business or team efficiency. The OgyMogy Cellphone Spy Appoffer features like WhatsApp, Skype spy app and more.

Record the Call:

Keep the directory of all the all-important calls when it comes to the business with the call recording feature. You can even use the feature as parental control.  

The use of a Cellphone Spy Appis completely legal if one follows the protocols and rules. For example, it is completely fine to use the app as a parental control for minors or teenagers. On the other hand, there are some terms and conditions that must be followed for the use of cellphone spy apps for employee monitoring. For example, you must choose a company-owned device to install the spy app.   

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