Uncover Digital Marketing Hacks With Record WhatsApp Screen Feature

Uncover Digital Marketing Hacks With Record WhatsApp Screen Feature

I am a businessman and it’s been years since I am working in the import and export market. We have opened a new branch in another city and the promotions were done in modern ways. In my time usually, journalists and news reporters were asked to come on inauguration day to create the hype. Today it is all about digital marketing. Many influencers and content creators joined us.  We had hired a competent team to handle everything so all I did was stay there, observe and enjoy. Business norms and customs are changed and evolved. Now it’s all about what your customer wants and then mould everything according to that. From manufacturing, branding marketing and selling everything revolves around the customer. The first few weeks were good. When I got the employee productivity report of the branch things seemed a little confused. Some of my very trusting, old employees were transferred to that branch for a while to manage things. The purpose of the whole shifting things was to guide the newly recruited employees and handle the customers according to our reputation. So I thought maybe there is some glitch so I should wait for the next month’s report as the results were bad. The next two to three employee reports were alarming. Some employees were doing extremely great while others were failing badly in recruiting a single customer or selling a thing. So it was time to check the details and find out the reason.

Besides hiring a competent team for managing the digital marketing we got the employee monitoring app as well. As an old school of thought person at first, I did not want to go that far but things have been downhill since the inauguration so I had to do some things. Most of our online dealing is done through Facebook and WhatsApp. At the time to choose the employee monitoring app, the standard was to get an app that allows the user to record WhatsApp screen of the employees or monitor their Facebook or Instagram activities during working hours. Many board members were not in the favour of investing a huge budget in the monitoring thing so we found an economical Phone Spy Software app the TheOneSpy. Here is what the app had revealed about the marketing strategies and digital activities of my team.

  • The record WhatsApp screen feature revealed many secret loopholes and mistakes of many employees.
  • Before debating on the mistakes and skills let me briefly tell you what in reality you can do with features like recording WhatsApp screen.
  • This feature saves the target WhatsApp screen activities in detail for the user. It is a full package as it includes the text chats, group chats, incoming and outgoing call logs, WhatsApp call recording, and even any suspicious activity like deletion of any chat or blocking or unblocking through the official account. In short, you can record the WhatsApp screen of the target employees and can know all about the strategies and marketing skills with just a few clicks. This is what we did with the TheoneSpy.
  • The first thing was to find out what is the secret to the success of some particular employees and why some employees are so much worse at it.
  • Record WhatsApp screen feature highlighted the basic mistake some employees were making in dealing with new customers. They were rigid and were losing customers because of the reasons. For example, some customers ask for more and more product details and even pictures before finalising the order. Of course, you are only obligated to send the official image and then politely decline. But still, you can make an effort and make a client by sending extra information or picture while still following the rules book. The employees with bad sales were rigid and declining straight forward.
  • We caught a very unprofessional act of a new part-timer that could have damaged the reputation of the company badly. She was stealing the client’s personal information and was using it for personal agendas. Record WhatsApp screen feature helped us catch that person on time and we were saved. 

Social media platforms might have been a trendy way to market your product or business but it is not as easy as it seems. The platform handling and dealing with the customers need skills.

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